An African Sex Tour will only be successful if you know the right destinations.

Sex tourism is big business while Europe and Asia were the destination of choice, and increasingly more people are deciding to head to Africa. Sex tourists pick a wide variety of occasions to become involved in when taking part in sex tourism that is African. Some may visit brothels or may head to local strip clubs and pubs whereas others organize assemblies. Female African sex tourists are often more enthusiastic about meeting with locals in a non sexual environment for the intentions of having a holiday-fling.

One of typically typically the most popular destinations for African sex tourism is Kenya. Thosuands of African sex tourists appreciate the broad variety of sex industry services which are available and head to the wonderful country of Kenya. The sex industry is particularly booming in the capital city of Mombasa.

Both these states are recorded in Top 10 Female Sex Tourist Destinations.

Tunisia and Egypt are growing with non-sex tourists but as a result are becoming really popular African sex tourism destinations – particularly for women.

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There are no shortages of opportunities for sex in Africa.

Everywhere you go you’ll find beautiful black African women who will have sex with you for just a few dollars. One of my mates went to Kenya recently and the most he paid for sex was $12 and that was for the whole night.

Discover the hidden treasures awaiting you in Africa and go on your own African Sex Tour. You’ll find easy sex in Africa where ever you travel.

Check out some of our African Sex Tour photos below.

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The African Tour Guide is your guide to the best of Africa, helping you find the best places to visit that suit your interests. Africa is now a prime destination for men from all over the world, looking for new sexual experiences.

Africa is a vast and varied continent, a luscious land of wide open spaces that holds within it’s boundaries a multitude of cultures and adventures awaiting discovery. From the rolling hills of Cape Winelands, to the dunes of the Namib Desert, Africa offers the discerning traveler infinite opportunities to explore and discover.

While the most popular sex tourism destinations are located in South East Asia, Africa is fast becoming a prime destination where visitors will find a wide variety of opportunities to engage in adventurous and wild sexual experiences that cost next to nothing.

African Sex Tour

Africa is called the “Dark Continent” for its perceived mystery, you’ll find this when you first travel to Africa. Many opportunities for mongers are not immediately obvious outside the bars and more obvious haunts. Dig beneath the surface and some of the best African women are not professional sex workers, but merely normal sexy women looking for some financial help.

Africa is a melting pot of diverse cultures in which the vast landmass, fascinating people, innumerable animals and birds are inextricably woven. The dusty cities are in stark contrast to the pristine wilderness that is yet untouched by man’s hand. This continent, a vast expanse that stretches over 12 million miles offers many opportunities for those of you looking for exciting African adventure tours.

Africa has a magical presence about it that captivates the mind and soul. Many people here in this beautiful country always say, once Africa get’s into your soul, it will never leave.

Africa tour and travel must be well planned in order to get the best results. Many tour and travel companies offer guided tours and safaris to help the traveler get a thrilling but organized view of the African continent. Enjoyment will easily come if the traveler does not have to constantly keep making decisions and worrying about where and how to go next. Information about the packages and services that reputed African tour and travel companies provide is easily available on their respective websites.

This site, the African Tour Guide will help you find the best locations to travel to and the best opportunities available to mongers who venture into the adventure in one of Africa’s many great destinations.